Welcome to the Northumbrian Branch of the Clarsach Society

ImageThe Clarsach (Scottish Celtic Harp) is Scotland's oldest traditional instrument, having preceded the Highland Bagpipe by at least five centuries. Comunn na Clarsaich (the Scottish Harp Society) was founded at Dingwall in 1931, and there are now currently eleven branches throughout the UK. In the early 1960s the clarsach was recognised as an ideal instrument for accompanying the Northumbrian Small Pipes, and by 1980 a small group of enthusiastic would-be harpers met in each others houses to play.
The outcome was the official founding of the Northumbrian Branch of Comunn na Clarsaich in 1983 and it now meets regularly in Ponteland and is flourishing. Members are given free group tuition, but private, professional teaching is also available. The Branch has a wealth of suitable music available to members at a nominal charge. Courses and workshops are held regularly, and those who wish are encouraged to participate in public performances.
The Branch has a Harp Hire service for anyone who wishes to try the harp first before purchasing one. The Executive Council, based in Edinburgh, organises The Edinburgh International Harp Festival every spring, which attracts people from all over the world.